CRI Research in brief
CRI Research Collaboratory is a research unit of INSERM and University of Paris (UMR U1284), working at the crossroads of life, learning, and digital sciences.

Founded in the spirit of facilitating the transition from closed scientific enquiry to a more open model we aim to transcending barriers between disciplines, science and the society.

We foster research at crossroads between interdisciplinary life and health sciences, basic understanding of learning processes and novel education technology/methodology testing and implementation, and digital sciences.

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Monday, July 4, 2022
11:30 AM
Research Seminar: by Premiers Cris

Premiers Cris: a Research Collaboratory on Early Childhood

Premiers Cris is a research initiative that attempts to rethink research practices on early childhood, through a methodology combining Science & Design. Premiers Cris facilitates the implementation of Collaborative Action Research (CAR) projects in early childhood centers. These projects are based on the link between action (object of the research) and collaboration (between scientists and non-scientists). During this presentation, we will present two CAR projects facilitated by Premiers Cris. The analysis of these two projects will allow us to highlight 5 fundamental elements of a CAR project: a project-based methodology, a common language, an adapted temporality, and finally a horizontality of knowledge combined with a recognition of the co-researchers' practices. We will show to what extent the establishment of a caring environment by the Premiers Cris team seems to guarantee the respect of these 5 elements. We will also testify to the impact of these projects on the well-being at work of professionals working with young children.

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