Women in Science

Women in Science Fellow


Research leaders who are seeking a home to develop, expand their research focus or jump start a new research program within the premise of CRI research priorities and who wish to contribute as pillars and mentors of the CRI Research community. Successful candidates will:

  • develop bold, interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects
  • play a leading role in mentoring, teaching, and collaborative activities within the CRI.
  • extend CRI external research network and partners.
  • Female scientists, at least 2 years after your PhD, at the time of application
  • Completed at least one postdoctoral position
  • Published at least one first-author, peer reviewed paper

Funding of up to 500,000€ to cover Fellow’s salary, small equipment, consumables, external services, postdoc, engineer, PhD student, and intern salaries. The Fellow's gross monthly salary, before taxes, will follow the Université de Paris salary grid and range from 2900€ to 3600€, depending on years of postdoc experience.

The exact amount of additional research funding will be determined based on the needs of the individual project, matching funding and agreement with the Unit director following recommendation from the international Scientific Advisory Board.

Start Date

Between 1/9/2021 and 1/1/2022


3 years

Application process

All documents should be written in English and uploaded via the online portal

1. Online Pre-proposal (due April 30th, 2021 23:00 CET)

  • Online form questionnaire (includes general info, project abstract, nominations for reference letters, and other questions)
  • 4-page project description (download template here)
  • 2-page CV, highlighting top 3-5 publications
  • Full publication record

The abstract, questionnaire and electively the project proposal, will be shared with the CRI community for feedback, suggestion and exchange with the candidate, aimed at further enhancing the project.

2. Feedback period ends (May 10th, 2021 23:00 CET)

3. Final proposal (May 17th, 2021, 23:00 CET) amending initial submission based on the feedback received

4. Pre-selection results (June 4th, 2021) Applications will be evaluated by the CRI internal selection committee based on the following criteria: (i) past research achievements (30%), (ii) scientific quality of project (35%), (iii) overlap with CRI Research strategy and fit with the its environment and infrastructure (35%). The evaluation will be done using descriptive categories which will then be transformed into an average score, using the relative weights noted above. The short-listed candidates will be determined based on these numerical values and discussion among the committee members.

5. Final selection 14th-15th June 2021 Preselected candidates will be invited to Paris for a seminar and interview with the international Scientific Advisory Board that will make the final recommendation. Depending on the epidemiological situation, this will be done in a hybrid (in person + remote) or fully remote version.


While this Fellowship is reserved for female scientists, they are also welcome to apply to any of the other open position.