The Sesameh Project, a MOOC co-created by Pauline Martinot, a PHD student, raised 47k euros!
A MOOC dedicated to all students to help them promote health at school
15 10 2021
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Pauline Martinot, FIRE Phd student* co-lead of “The Project Sesameh” with Pr Annabelle Tenenbaum. Their goal is to create "the first open online MOOC" that would empower students in health in France for their "Service Sanitaire". The MOOC will allow every student to learn how to realize from A to Z an intervention in health promotion at school.


Le Service Sanitaire is a set of actions, initiated in 2018, for all french students in health (nurses, doctors, dentists, midwives, physical therapists...) to work as an interdisciplinary team, to implement a health promotion program in schools, in order to raise awareness about a positive and encouraging vision of health.

Three teams from CRI are involved and mobilized in this project : Sapiens and the Institut des Défis for the pedagogical engineering and the MOOC Studio for the realization of the videos.


The project rose enthusiasm and got awarded by the grant The Initiative of Excellence “Université Paris 2019" which “is a world-class university centre implementing innovative and structuring programmes in the fields of research, training, student life and knowledge transfer on an international scale. These programmes are funded by revenues from a government endowment and are deployed in collaboration with partner research organisations and institutions.”

Acknowledging the project's potential, the Initiative of Excellence provided a 47 000 euros fund for the team to make the MOOC and the Sesameh Project come to life.

*The "Frontières de l’Innovation en Recherche et Éducation" (FIRE) Doctoral School is an international and interdisciplinary PhD program, hosted by Université de Paris (UdP) and co-hosted by Université Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL)

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education education phd health mooc research