caroline huron
MD-PhD, Researcher in Cognitive Sciences, Founder of "Le Cartable Fantastique", Member of the Scientific Council of National Education (Leader of the group "Disabilities and inclusion")
caroline's Bio

Initially trained as a psychiatrist, I did a phD on episodic memory in schizophrenia (2000).

I am a tenured Inserm Researcher since 2003.

Since 10 years, I became an expert on dyspraxia. My work goes from the laboratory to the Classroom.

I conducted several studies in children with dyspraxia to study their numerical cognition, their time perception and their brain using experimental designs of cognitive psychology and fMRI.

I made numerous lectures on dyspraxia for education professionals, health professionals and families.

I wrote a book entitled "L'enfant dyspraxique : mieux l'aider à la maison et à l'école"

I created a non benefit organisation in 2010 to help children with disabilities, and more specifically with dyspraxia, at school.

I act as an expert for different ministries : I am a member of the Scientific Council of National Education in which I lead the working group on disabilities and of the National Council of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

"We can be a child with dyspraxia and a good Student" We have to change the way we look at disabilities and Learning disorders.

Inclusive textbooks
Develop and implement innovative solutions to make textbooks used in classrooms accessible to students with disabilities.