abbas kalantari
I care about human and culture
abbas's Bio

After studying engineering, I embraced the statistical and analytical skills I gained from it and navigated my journey to be related to human. Therefore, I spend 2 years studying Basic Psychology to learn more about human. At the same time, I started working as HR manger in an SME working on Savior Drones. one year after, I pursued my career as an HR Director at one of the pioneering Electrical Companies in Iran.

My desire to learn more about HR led me to join Glasgow Caledonian Business School to study HRM. However, I did not find it as helpful as I thought. In this transition I founded a non-profit group to work on personal and social development issues named "I'm Human". Now I am Digital Science Student at CRI looking forward to learn more about the digital and social interactions to be able to bring about change to help people more.

I have many different experiences which I believe that enabled me to experience different aspects of life, from translator to HR Director. When I was 20 I was translator of Korean Presidential Team (Because I knew both English and Korean) . It was my first paid job which what I got was beyond just money. I was connected to many people in Iran and South Korea who were so successful in their careers. It opened new doors to my life. Korean culture was my first interaction with a strong culture which changed my life.

Afterwards, I could say that my interest is split into two categories:

1) Personal Development: I like to study human. I call this an inside out version. I want to know human from inside not the outside. I do believe that humans are infinite and I like to be in this journey and learning more about human. But it should be mentioned that I channel my learning to develop and grow people. For example: I am currently working on an Online Self-awareness Dashboard which helps people to learn more about themselves and how they can grow themselves.

2) Social Development: I have seen the infinite strength of culture and what it can create. Therefore, I am deeply inspired by team and social cultures. Studying that how people interactions or mindsets can create a collective soul to face challenges and opportunities is fantastic. Therefore, I am deeply enthusiastic to learn more about the culture of Digital Era. There are many questions in my mind but maybe the biggest one is this: " The people before industrial revolution had a deeper experience of living as humans or we have a deeper experience?". To questions like this, I believe that I should know human (and ethics) at the first place, then learning about the social culture and finally how these learning could help individuals and societies to grow and experience a meaningful life which may contain studying social and public policies effecting people.

I could summarize all of it into one sentence: " I care about human "

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