CRI Research Projects

Our projects cluster around the following categories: Open health, Open learning, Open AI, Open phronesis, Open synthetic and systems biology. You can see selected projects below and the full collection on our dedicated Projects platform.

Open Health Projects
Improving trans-related health research
Deciphering ageing by deconvolving physiological and chronological ages
Better understand ageing by using the two-phase ageing model
Linked Semantic Mental Health Database
Mapping symptoms & behaviours to subjective & objective measures, projects, community initiatives and technologies
Open Drug Discovery Programme in Africa
A CRI-sponsored postdoctoral opportunity in sub-saharan Africa.
Bites, Blood & Behavior
Understanding mosquito blood-feeding behavior
The gene networks driving ageing
Infer the gene regulatory network changes occuring during ageing and the Smurf transition.
Using peer production in citizen science
Investigating whether peer production ideals and mechanisms can be used to facilitate bottom-up community science projects
A platform for collective citizen science
A platform for collective citizen science
Can recommender systems enhance collective intelligence for patient-led research?
We are investigating how to make it easier for patients to do research together on the questions that matter most to them
COVID-19 Symptoms Twitter Analysis
Understanding how local tweets about symptoms correlate with case numbers
Open Synthetic Biology
We push the limits of CRISPR genome engineering in the fruit fly
In vivo real-time RNA probing by AI-aided design of CRISPR RNA switch
RNA-based switch designs for all
Synthetic Biology for Distributed Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Discovery
Help us develop scalable and open-source technologies for doing discovery anywhere.
We develop synthetic transcription factors in Drosophila melanogaster
Freeze the flies - free your lab!
Open Learning Projects
Which criteria do teachers use to select among various resources?
Visualizing a taxonomy of criteria based on teachers answers to open-ended questions
GMO Detective - High School Workshop
Introducing Citizen Science into school through a GMO detection experiment
Collectif "Profs-Chercheurs"
Recherche collaborative ouverte face aux défis de l'éducation
Un espace interactif, numérique et tangible pour les tout-petits
Profs-Chercheurs - COVID19
Répondre collectivement face au COVID19
Hitbox: interactive boxing bag
" Get the kids back on the move." Combining interdisciplinary pedagogy and health
iGEM TIES (Team IntEraction Study): mapping social interaction networks of iGEM scientific teams
In this project, we study the collaboration patterns of iGEM teams underlying their performance and learning using data-driven social network analyses
Where anybody can prototype using motion sensing for health, education, sport
Teachers interactions in forums
Analysing the temporal co-dynamics of questions/answers and communities in teacher forums
Inclusive textbooks
Develop and implement innovative solutions to make textbooks used in classrooms accessible to students with disabilities.
Open AI
The AI network scientist
Classification of graphs using Neural Networks
Deep learning model discovery for viscoelastic materials
To use training of neural networks to discover the differential equations governing the stress and strain responses of uncharacterised viscoelastic materials.
Model discovery in physics and biology with neural networks
Using neural networks to automatically extract the differential equations underlying a data-set