WeLearn Projects
WeLearn RecSys
Build a cross-platform recommendation system based on WeLearn
Learning and Collective Intelligence Projects
Linked Semantic Mental Health Database
Mapping symptoms & behaviours to subjective & objective measures, projects, community initiatives and technologies
Which criteria do teachers use to select among various resources?
Visualizing a taxonomy of criteria based on teachers answers to open-ended questions
Collectif "Profs-Chercheurs"
Recherche collaborative ouverte face aux défis de l'éducation
iGEM Team Interaction Study: collaboration and performance of iGEM scientific teams
In this project, we study the collaboration patterns of iGEM teams underlying their performance and learning using data-driven social network analyses
Teachers interactions in forums
Analysing the temporal co-dynamics of questions/answers and communities in teacher forums
Role of Emotions in predicting mental well-being
Study efficacy of the Digital Therapeutic interventions to improve Mental well-being among University Students
Inclusive textbooks
Develop and implement innovative solutions to make textbooks used in classrooms accessible to students with disabilities.