Connect Project

Creating an open database for collection and sharing of anonymous, public data.

Persons with cognitive disabilities rely on smart apps for entertainment communication and learning, however, today most of these apps do not collect data or are closed, which makes it impossible to quantitatively evaluate their performance and combine them.

Connect is an open database aiming at simplifying the collection and sharing of anonymous, public data.

By creating the means for interconnection and transparency, we aim at making possible a virtuous circle of app improvement:

-Users will be able to chose the best apps for their needs, and participate in research.

-Developers will be able to objectively demonstrate the quality of their apps, and integrate them within the larger ecosystem of participating apps.

-Funders will be able to measure the return on their investment, and contribute not only to the development of isolated products, but to the global improvement of an ecosystem of apps.

To demonstrate the principle of Connect we are building two open source apps in addition to the main database:

- MaVoix, an application for image-based communication to help non-verbal persons with cognitive disabilities. MaVoix will log the selection and usage of images, their combinations, the moment of the day when they are used, etc. This will help us build a large description of the different cognitive profiles, and a recommendation system to improve the user’s communication possibilities.

- MonQuotidien, a logger application that will allow caregivers to keep track of everyday life events. Through Connect, MonQuotidien will be able to provide a context for all other participating apps, for example, it could allow us to better tune the behaviour of MaVoix based on recent events.

All our project will be designed for open, and ment to be easily appropriated by the community.

roberto toro
Long term fellow
céline delettre
External PhD Student
katja heuer
Research collaborator
nicolas traut
Researcher engineer
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